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SG58– Stone Crusher/Grinder & Soil Stabilizer Suitable for Crushing stones, soil milling, road surface dry material grinder recycle. It converts stones into dust preparing site for planting purposes.


  • Robust machine made in high carbon steel chassis in order to withstand the most intense application abuse.

  • Detachable anti-wear HD frame & back cover for easy conversion.

  • Can crush stones from 1" to 8.0".

  • Milling depth 6.0"

  • Widia Hammers with tungsten tip, specially treated.

  • Sufficient protections to safeguard operator.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Freewheel gearbox

  • Belt Double Drive.

  • Timing Belts SPBX

  • Hydraulic rear .

  • Skids made in anti-wear steel with depth settings.

  • 3point-Hitch category III.

  • Transmission (standard).

  • Depth setting skids (standard).

  • Push Bar (optional).

  • Third hydraulic point (optional).

  • Centrifugal starter clutch (optional).

  • Rear grading gate-blade (optional)

  • Rear door rake (optional).

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