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HW50 - WIDIA-HAMMERS FOR LOGS UP TO 12" dia. Forest mulcher-shredder best suited for trunks up to 12"diameter and for all types of wood, orchards and forestry uses. Equipment: Very strong mulcher made of high carbon steel plate to support hostile hard work conditions . Sufficient protections to safeguard operator’s safety. Easy maintenance. Freewheel included in the gearbox. Timing belts SPBX. Hydraulic rear door Fixed hammers with Tungsten tips. Depth setting skids made of anti-wear steel. 3point-hitch category III. Transmission (optional). Rear push bar (optional). 3point-hitch Hydraulic (optional) Reversible gearbox so that mulcher can be front-mounted (optional). Skids for depth work. (optional) Centri-fugal starter clutch (optional). Rear door rake (optional).

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