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HI52 - FOREST MULCHER/SHREDDER WITH FIXED WIDIA HAMMERS AND DOUBLE DRIVE FOR LOGS 14"dia. Ideal for trunks up to 14" diameter and for all types of wood, tree cuttings/clippings and forest uses. Equipment: Very strong mulcher made of high carbon steel plate in order to stand most hard work. Sufficient protection to safeguard operator’s safety. Easy maintenance . Freewheel included in the gearbox. HI52 models feature double drive belt system. Timing belts SPBX. Hydraulic rear door. Fixed hammers with Widia/Tungsten tips. Depth control skids made of anti-wear steel. 3point-hitch category III. Transmission (optional). Rear push bar (optional). Hydraulic 3point-hitch (optional) Centrifugal starter clutch (optional). Skids for depth work. (optinal) Rear door rake (optional).

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