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For Tractors - Hp 75-110

HEAVY DUTY Professional  



  • Backhoe with moving frame with hydraulic locking, applicable to the three-point hitch of the hydraulic boom.

  • 180° central rotation by 1 cylinder (patented).

  • Independent hydraulic stabilizers with block valves.

  • Independent system with 6.5"³/rev., pump, multiplier, 12glbuilt-in tank, oil strainer and hydraulic oil.

  • Element distributor with 16gl flow rate and finger-tip control le-vers and built-in shock-absorbing anti-cavitation valves.

  • Max working pressure: 2760psi.

  • Standard bucket: 12".

  • Boom locking tensioners.

  • Joints with pins and bushes of case-hardened and tempered steel.

  • Chrome-plated double-liner cylinder rods.

  • Sanding and polyester powder coating.

  • Accessories on request: 10"-16"-20"-24"-28" bucket, 32-40"-48" ditch cleaning bucket, 32"40"-48" ditch cleaning tilting bucket, trapezoidal bucket, hydraulic rotator, grab, manure fork, drill, hydraulic hammer.


Technical data and dimension

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