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High Shoulder Scrapers - Planers are FAST and ECONOMICAL to use.


High shoulder scraping and clipping for

• City, County and State Roads

• Airport Runways • Fire Lanes

• Forestry Applications and

• Backslope Bank Erosion Control


PTO Powered at 540 RPM - 85 to 120 PTO-HP Bi-Directional Electrical Hydraulics with Remote Controls Reversible Rotor for Right or Left Hand Discharge


Heavy-duty rotary shoulder planers trailer mounted unit, 60" and 72" cutting width, with carbide cutting teeth and ejector blades.

  • Machine dimensions in transportation position: Length - 11 feet, width 8 feet and height 12 feet ( 11 feet for the 60" model).

  • Rotor diameter without teeth and blades is 20" - with teeth and blades is 31".

  • Through the drum drive shaft, 3 7/16" in diameter, mounted on pillow blocks equipped with spherical roller bearings.

  • Heavy duty welded trailer frame made of square tubing, 8" x 8" x ½". Rotor frame made of welded square tubing, 8" x 4" x 3/a".

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