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DOC 400


Hydraulic slope mower of 220"/256" inch. range, for tractors HP 100/130 and weight 9920/11050lbs suitable for all mowing and HD shredding/clearing, connected on the tractor's  high hitch position 

Technical data and dimension


• Frame in structural steel ST 52 with support feet for machine in stand-by

• Highly resistant steel DOMEX700 for 1st, 2nd arm and telescopic extension terminal

• Telescopic extension terminal on guide slides on ERTALON anti-wear material

• 90° rotating column and shock resistant hydraulic safety device

• Three points attachment 2nd category

• Oil tank 260 l

• Double gear pump group 3+2  -  27+5.3 gl/min

• Bidirectional hydraulic motor 55HP

• Distributor with remote controls with 118"lexible cables

• Head mm 1200 MODEL 30.5N TTD 1200  with direct drive

• Self-levelling floating system

• Feeler roller levels 3ea positions

• Head rotating angle 200°

• Helicoidal rotor with jointed cut blade M5C

• Number revs to rotor 3000 rpm

• Fixing tie-rods • Cardan joint

• Air-oil heat exchanger with radiating mass at high thermal exchange

• Rear underrun protection with lights wiring  45

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